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Why this Illuminati culture needs to stop

Inherent within this modern concept of being ‘anti-Illuminati’ is the idea that our governments are just minions of a secret society of people manipulating world events. You might think that being ‘anti-Illuminati’ is the archetypal status of rebellion against the system…but really, you’re unwittingly doing everything in your power to absolve those in government from what they do.

Before the world of the YouTube video comments section stabbed its pseudo-intellectual fangs into the word ‘Illuminati’ and lifelessly drained it of any semantic value, in 2009 my dad returned from a business meeting in New Jersey and showed me a one dollar bill. As a reaction to my vocal curiosity as to why the bill featured a strange pyramid with an eye on its detached head and Roman numerals on its base, he told me, “Ah, you should read the Illuminatus theory.” The Illuminatus theory – a genius work of fiction advancing the historic hypothesis that Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati (which is known with historical certainty to have existed) infiltrated the overwhelmingly masonic American government in 1776, and continue to this day pulling the strings of global events behind close doors. Thus leading me to read works by ex-freemasons such as Christopher Knight, Robert Lomas and Manly Hall.

Do I subscribe to the idea of masons controlling the events of society? It’s interesting, but I’m not a hardcore believer in it. Unfortunately as a result of this post-Dan Brown era, everyone has conflicting ideas as to what the word ‘Illuminati’ refers to. This confusion has unfortunately facilitated the amplification of prejudice; Christian fundamentalists who believe the world to be governed by a Luciferian consortium have used the Illuminatus theory to direct hate towards freemasons, who they believe are plotting for a global Satanic government; whilst anti-Semites who believe the world to be governed by Jews have used the theory to attempt to justify their idea of Jews across the world conspiring to dominate the Earth.

Ultimately, this populistic ‘neo-Iluminatus theory’ has made us more submissive to our governments than ever before. Echoing the words of Tupac in his interview on the Illuminati – assuming of course you actually know that Tupac’s phrase ‘Killuminati’ means ‘kill this myth that the Illuminati actually exist’ instead of posting the comment on every YouTube video of  a political rapper – the Illuminatus theory is simply a distraction used to deflect attention from the actions of our own governments. This is indeed so; opposing the supposed Illuminati might sound anti-estbaishment, but in reality it’s as pro-establishment as it gets. By positing the existence of a covert group controlling everything, you redirect blame for our problems away from our visible governments onto a group who may not even exist. Unlike our actual governments, you’ll never be able to conduct a revolution against a small group of 33 degree freemasons sitting around a table in an underground base unless you actually know they’re real.





So a more convincing ‘conspiracy theory’ might be that…oohh…guess what…the government actually created  the Illuminati phenomenon so that we wouldn’t think they’re entirely to blame for what they do! A so-called conspiracy theory always involves big Rothschild-owned corporations numbing the mindset of the general public into obedience by through actions like polluting our tap water with fluoride. How about this – big businesses created the idea of a worldwide masonic conspiracy so that the ‘anti-Illuminati’ population would, despite them believing these companies to be controlled by global elitists – give them more money.

Just think about it – the more attention you give businesses for exhibiting ‘masonic symbolism‘ the more money they make. The music industry in particular capitalises off this phenomenon that has ‘conspiracy theorists’ – a term I’ll clarify later (no, you don’t what it means) – in a craze. To quote RA the Rugged Man, music artists who present supposed Illuminati imagery in their videos are, quite incontrovertibly, fucking wannabes.”

Without question figures in the industry are promoting masonic symbolism, most notably Jay-Z with his infamous pyramid hand sign and his Roc-a-Fella record label, clearly named after the Rockefeller family who are alleged conspirators in the Illuminati. In a frenzy, the YouTube comment page scholar opens up Windows Movie Maker – using as his pansophic oracle of information – and creates a film which tells us that somehow if there’s a shit tonne of triangles in Jay-Z’s music video, he is automatically exposed as a 33rd degree master freemason. Well done, bud – by directing attention to his music video you’ve just given it more views!

Mainstream rappers aren’t the only ones who profit off this Illuminati obsession. So-called conscious, political underground rappers will always be able to rap about some super-governmental freemasonic conspiracy controlling our minds, and will make a buck off doing so through idiot YouTube-ers thinking that they’re dismantling the alleged system of esoteric oppression buy buying his albums and commenting on his videos saying “yeh this guy’s ill cuz he spits real shit not like faggot mainstream illuminati drake and jay-z.  fuck the sheeple!!!1!” 

Digging for triangles in a music video is not rebelling against the elite – it’s fruitlessly chasing after proof that a rapper sits around a table in a dark mystical hooded cloak drawing out plans for world conquest in their spare time. Seriously, he’s just a rapper! As a result, you’re rebelling against an ‘elite’ which is just as subject to government control as we are. If governments have created the Illuminatus theory to prevent us from overthrowing them, then they’ve done a superb job! How can we overthrow the system if there’s public in-fighting as a result of people accusing one another of being supreme commanders of an esoteric order? Forget the theory of freemasons putting fluoride in tap water in order to keep us mentally weak – this presentation of rappers as global conspirators produces enough stupid people as it is!

Lizard-loving David Icke is another prime example of someone who a person might suspect was employed by the government to draw people’s attention away from their actions. If claiming that the Illuminati is comprised of alien humanoid reptiles isn’t bad enough, Icke also argues the moon to be an artificial base of operations that they use to project mind-controlling signals. What this heap of bollocks implies is that nothing a person does is a result of their free will. Me writing this blog isn’t my fault – it’s the aliens’; you reading this isn’t your fault – it’s the aliens’; David Cameron issuing austerity cuts isn’t his fault – it’s the aliens’; America evicting the island inhabitants of Diego Garcia to build a military base isn’t its fault – it’s the aliens; Ronal Reagan and Ariel Sharon funding Guatemalan ethnic cleansing isn’t their fault – it’s the aliens’; George Bush’s grandfather funding Hitler wasn’t his fault – it was the aliens’; British television being intellectually bankrupt isn’t our fault – it’s Katie Hopki- (oops sorry, I mean the aliens’).

You get the picture; we might still blame our governments for what they do, but belief that they’re just puppets in a bigger picture won’t fully hold them to account.

This is just an explanation of why this post-Dan Brown Illuminati culture has to stop. Not only is it used as a vehicle of prejudice by some towards freemasons and Jews, but it also takes away the accountability that our governments deserve for their actions. To finish off, let me actually clarify what the word ‘conspiracy theory’ means, because it’s meaninglessly thrown around to a larger extent than left-wing student politics throws around the word ‘fascist’. ‘Conspiracy theory’ quite simply means a theory that a group of people was behind something. That’s it. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve freemasons or lizards. Nevertheless it’s become a synonym for any absurd-sounding idea, and numerous people have made this mistake. Is the theory that the American government was responsible for 9/11 a conspiracy theory? Yes, but so is the theory that Al-Qaeda were. Both involve a group of people.

Only when we restore the Illuminatus theory to its genuine origins – i.e. a theory that an elite group of freemasons might the early American government – will this culture of seeing our governments as less powerful and less dangerous than they actually are finally stop.








2 comments on “Why this Illuminati culture needs to stop

  1. Woteva Next
    November 25, 2014

    This Black Egypt blog needs to stop.


    • Black Egypt
      November 26, 2014

      “While WordPress blogs as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas.” – Thomas Sankara

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