Black Egypt

"The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. " – Che Guevara

The ceasefire that never was

It is widely assumed, by both Pro-Palestinians and pro-Israelis, that an Egyptian-drafted ceasefire was inaugurated in July 2014, before the Israel-Hamas Summer conflict. The outcome of the supposed ceasefire’s proposition … Continue reading

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The Black Man and the White Feminist

Rebecca Latima Felton – possibly one the most outstanding figures in the history of US politics. Living in a staunchly patriarchal society in the late 19th Century and early 20th … Continue reading

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Why the concept of ‘racism against Whites’ is innately racist

Few discourses do my head in quite as austerely as those about ‘racism against Whites’ or ‘sexism against men’, or any other idea that those at the bottom of a … Continue reading

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The Hyper-Sexualised Woman of Colour

Most White men see little issue in complimenting a woman of colour with the label ‘exotic’. For him, the phrase merely highlights the woman’s darker skin as being unusually palatable … Continue reading

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The Hamas Human Shield Myth

You’ve got to hand it to the Israeli and pro-Israeli media; they certainly did conjure up a good excuse for the profuse number of Gazan deaths – 77% of which … Continue reading

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Why this Illuminati culture needs to stop

Inherent within this modern concept of being ‘anti-Illuminati’ is the idea that our governments are just minions of a secret society of people manipulating world events. You might think that … Continue reading

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A male view on male entitlement

Generally the only people who discuss sexism topics like male entitlement are feminists. Because of our power system that ensures the preservation of male privilege, feminists can seldom ever discuss¬†anything¬†without … Continue reading

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